How Do You Feel About It?






better than darkness is fake darkness which ...
better than darkness is fake darkness which swindles you into necking with someone's antique cousin better than banks are false banks where you change all your rough money into legal tender better then coffee is blue coffee which you drink in your last bath or sometimes waiting for your shoes to be dismantled better than poetry is my poetry which refers to everything that is beautiful and dignified, but is neither of these itself better than wild is secretly wild as when i am in the darkness of a parking space with a new snake better than art is repulsive art which demonstrates better than scripture the tiny measure of your improvement better than darkness is darkness which is inkier, vaster more profound and eerily refrigerated filled with caves and binding tunnels in which appear beckoning dead relatives and other religious paraphernalia better than love is wuve which is more refined superbly erotic tiny serene people with huge genitalia but lighter than thought comfortably installed on an eyelash of mist and living grimly ever after cooking, gardening and raising kids