Nelson Ng
How Do You Feel About It?






I like drinking water, especially when I'm re ...
I like drinking water, especially when I'm really thirsty. Sometimes I like to pretend to be an Olenellus fremonti evolving into an Olenellus mohavensis, simply for the creative stimulation - although I usually cant walk for days afterwards. I've recently taken up an interest in amateur brain surgery, although i find it so hard to find volunteers. I enjoy socializing; but am equally happy with my own company; and can easily keep myself entertained for hours, both mentally and sexually. I'm fascinated by space, the universe, cosmology, quantum mechanics, string theory etc. and would love to go to space and see all the planets and stars and pulsars and supernova - I mean for real, not when I'm on mushrooms. I like to touch people, in their most private places, and make them giggle or cry. I like pretty things.