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1. 不可抄袭他人之创意,不论有何前提; Not to copy other's cr ...
1. 不可抄袭他人之创意,不论有何前提; Not to copy other's creative work, under no circumstances; 2. 不可过分依赖电脑技术,切记,你是一名设计师,不是一名电脑修图员; Not to rely completely on computer technology, it is a tool only and cannot substitute your creativity. Remember, you are a designer, not a computer graphic editor; 3. 不可一直追随流行设计风格,现在流行的,必是马上过时的; Be a creator and not a fashion-follower because a trendy style today would become an out-dated one tomorrow; 4. 各用10%的精力涉足十门设计学科,不如用100%的精力涉足于一门学科; Trying ten design fields simultaneously but badly is worst than concentrating on one field and master it; 5 不可将自己都认为有问题的作品向公众发表; Be professional and not to release any art works that you don't like; 6. 不可因低价商业项目,而放低对作品的要求; Not to lower the quality in view of low business value of an art work; 7. 不可凭主观意识评价他人作品;不可人云亦云; Not to criticize other's artwork merely on the ground of one's preferences nor just replicate comment from someone; 8. 不可闭门造车;了解一些历史、哲学和人文,将对你的作品大有好处; Not to create artwork without any ground. Great works usually come from the understanding of the culture, history and philosophy; 9. 不论身份高低,须保持歉虚的态度; Keep yourself modest to people, no matter you are just a novice or a master; 10. 永远坚信:设计可以拯救你的国家,可以改变世界。 Always believe that design can save your country and change the world. 也许有点老,但是很管用