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Milk is such a meaningful name. It's not just ...
Milk is such a meaningful name. It's not just a surname. It's the white liquid of life and hope. It doesn't only represent a homosexual male figure, but "the blacks, the Asians, the disabled, the seniors, the us's". It only takes two people to form an "us". Let's hope there will be enough us's to form a big one, a single mass of hope and courage. We should turn the possible into the probable. - It could be too much or unrelated to put in the same entry, but as the only spokesperson for Fortissimo (now) I feel the need to explain ff whenever there's connection in topic. If you've been careful in looking at the ff logo you'd realize breasts in the letter form. Breast represents not only women but also humans, who are mammals and fed by milk. Taken as a symbol of women as it always is, it embodies a wider range of humanity. Same as Milk, the attempt is not unidirectional. You can also see the nipples as noses and breasts as heads. There are two people, two genderless persons coming together. Fortissimo may be feminist, but feminist doesn't mean "female only". We're trying to speak as persons, and speak fortissimo if you may.