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/Calvin Klein and the underwear revolution fr ...
/Calvin Klein and the underwear revolution from PonyStep/ "Calvin Klein pioneered the objectification of men"? The most recent example I can think of is Caravaggio. Even if CK was responsible for this at all, the destination of its practice would be nothing new but consumption, the ultimate goal of any "innovative" campaigns. From something like the Brooke Shields commercial it is clear that CK intends to provoke rather than to evoke alternative mentalities, though the objectification of men may do a little of that. But do we expect them to contribute to building a healthier set of ideologies (not saying that objectifying men is a healthy thing to do)? No, it is almost ridiculous to. Their job is to make (model) boys and girls look hotter than the cotton pieces on them, and at the same time make them part of the pieces. Nobody is talking about exploitation here. Nor moral. Nor underwear. It's called sexiness. Yes, that thing we want.