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How Do You Feel About It?






"As children, we're programmed into the limit ...
"As children, we're programmed into the limitations of gender distinction: little boys to be fighters, little girls to be pretty and nice. But as we grow older, there's a self-awareness that sees gender as a decision, as something malleable. You can play with the traditional options - dressing up, cruising in cars, the tough posturing - or play against the roles, by displaying your tenderness or toughness to contradict stereotypes. When I was fifteen, the perfect world seemed a place of total androgyny, where you wouldn't know a person's gender until you were in bed with him or her. I've since realized that gender is much deeper than style. Rather than accept gender distinction, the point is to redefine it. Along with playing out clich├ęs, there is the decision to live out the alternatives, even to change one's sex, which to me is the ultimate act of autonomy." - /The Ballad of Sexual Dependency by Nan Goldin/