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Here is Dita Von Teese's comment on women as ...
Here is Dita Von Teese's comment on women as sex objects in Indie Sex: "I think that historically, women have always been viewed as beautiful, sexual objects. And I know a lot of people don't want to hear that, and they don't want that, and they feel like it's a feminist view that we shouldn't be portrayed as sex objects, but this is... We've been sex objects for hundreds of years. It's not gonna change. And I say if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Everyone fantasizes about being a sex object every once in a while. I can't imagine anyone, in their deepest, darkest, most sexual fantasies, they're wishing that someone loved them or that someone cared about their mind or having an intellectual conversation. When it comes down to it, we're animals, in a way. We just want to be, like, sex objects. And so I just feel historically it's not something new. It's not like suddenly women are being portrayed in this way, where they just wanna show us all topless and show us as sexual creatures. It's been going on forever." I love Dita's way of showing her own beauty and sexual attraction without disguising them with pseudo-righteous masks. Feminism doesn't mean being cold and clothed in front of the camera or erasing make-up and breaking heels of high heels. It should help embrace all sexual qualities (including patriarchal stereotypes, yes) that possibly exist in this world - and all sexes that exist in this world, and treat them fairly. Apparently some people handle men's sexual organ more strictly than they do for women's: (Dana Stevens) "There's an early scene in the film [Young Adam] when Ewan McGregor goes down on Tilda Swinton on a riverbank right out in the open. You could make a feminist argument that that's an unusual scene to see in movies, and that it might be the content of that scene more than the raciness that pushed that movie into NC-17 territory. I would imagine that implied female-on-male oral sex might be more acceptable to censors, you know? It seems to be happening all the time in R-rated movies. The outcry also had to do with the extensive nudity by Ewan McGregor, although you never see him with a hard-on." (Peter Sarsgaard) "The ratings board can only handle so much penis. They can handle a lot of tits and ass. If you have a penis in a movie, you get a certain amount of time with that penis before you become NC-17." (Alonso Duralde) "For some reason, the penis is still forbidden territory. It's just that... It's that last line that nobody wants to cross." So penis and nude man must be quite a thing. That's why we have nude men introduced at ff! Let's make men sex objects too and appreciate their dic...penises and gaze at them all the time. I believe they want that too, for if women don't see them as sex objects (or subjects, whatever they want) or if women have no sexual interest in them, they won't have the chance to be the studs they'd love to label themselves as. Go, strip men in movies and in real life!